BPS full form in TCS in Details

Hello reader today I will be explaining you about TCS BPS. Here you will be learning BPS Full Form In TCS In Details. So make sure you are reading this article carefully without skipping.

BPS Full Form In TCS

What Is BPS Full Form In TCS

BPS Full Form In TCS is Business Process Services (BPS) at TCS are about managing and executing business operations. There are different types of grades in TCS IT for example Y1, C1, and BPO 1. All these grades are TCS Ninja, TCS Digital, and BPS. The BPS Follows the BPO grade which is the lowest category of grading in TCS IT.

BPS Job Personal Expieince

If you are from an IT background and you got hired from TCS BPS Stream then the grading system which will be followed is BPO, BPO 1, BPO 2 Etc. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a BPO Grade?

If you are coming from an IT background by the bps stream the most probably the work will you get some support jobs? For example Application support and it’s not necessary that you will get this role. In many cases, according to the requirements, the BPS Employees got the development project. So how you can get the development projects in BPS Stream.

BPS Eligibility Criteria

BPS Full Form In TCS
BPS Full Form In TCS

There are two ways which you can follow. I am going to share my and my friend’s experience. So I got an Application support role and another side my friend got a development where the role and environment were very good. The role was Data Analyst which was an onsite project.

So when you join TCS you will be unallocated and your all details will go to RMG. Who makes sure the candidate should be allocated to particular projects according to requirements and skills you have. As far I see freshers skills don’t matter for a new project they gonna put you in some projects and you will be trained.

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Then RMG will share the candidate details with the project owner so they can get the candidate for their project or the project owner can find any unallocated person. The Team lead or anyone responsible person will call you and ask about you to take you in the project.

Now what they may ask you while talking to you is to tell me about yourself, what skills you have, etc. Here will come to grab the opportunity to get in the project or reject it.

In Many cases, freshers don’t know that they can say no to a project for reasonable reasons. If you are far from the location you convince him or you can say that you have got the other project. But before saying that make sure you ask all details of that project what is your project and which technology you will be working with. Is the project I am working is support or not etc.

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In my case, I was not knowing this thing and I got a support role. But after one year I have taken learning through TCS Resources and discussed it with my project manager. I have shown up my skills that I am good at this and can I got a work in this so I can learn and explore more in technology.

So he pull out me from the development team. But I didn’t get the release due to many confidential reasons. But you can get a release it depends on the project manager.

TCS bps fresher hiring

TCS regularly hired from the different streams like BPS Fresher Hiring or TCS Ninja fresher hiring etc. But I will tell you whether should you go through BPS Stream or not. My answer will be in two ways if you are from an IT background and you don’t do much coding then you can go for it. But If you have skills in coding then you should not go because it will impact your salary growth. Rather than you should go for TCS ninja or digital cadre.

BPS Full Form In TCS is Business Process Services

TCS ninja and TCS digital will have coding questions in aptitude test but in BPS it will not because here noncoders also can apply like from B COM, B Pharm, etc. If you don’t have good coding skills and you are Joining BPS Stream then make sure you read the above section. Where I have shared my experience that how you can get better opportunities.

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TCS BPS Interview Rounds: First of all you have to clear the Aptitude test. After getting shortlisted you will get mail that you are selected for TCS interview rounds. There will be complete information that where will be your location for the interview and the timing of the interview.

There will be a total of 3 rounds let’s see them one by one.

Round 1: Here you have to introduce yourself by explaining yourself in a short brief. For example your studies and skills and your projects. Make sure you prepare this because if you are stuck then there is a high chance that you will be get rejected in the first round.

After explaining your self he or she may ask you why you want to join TCS, will you be able to work at night shift. They can also ask about recent achievements of TCS or tell me about TCS. So make sure you prepare these questions and have basic knowledge of TCS.

If you don’t know the answer simply try to say something as but don’t get blank. They are just seeing you and how confident you are and never say no to anything in an interview.

Round 2: In this round, they will have some one-to-one discussion on your skills or your project that you have made at the college level. Here I have seen some who have mentioned those which they don’t know after the interviewer asked questions on that language. They were not able to answer, so make sure in your resume mention those skills that you know.

In my case, she asked me what security will prove If she buys your application. I have no answers, So I tried to speak something like if you buy my application I will make sure you get end-to-end encrypted of your data which you will enter.

BPS Full Form In TCS is Business Process Services

I know the answer was not right but I have tried to speak because I thought she will ask me some coding topics or questions related to programming. After waiting for hours I got selected so make sure you speak confidently with proper posture.

Round 3: In this round, you will have some basic discussions with HR, Here you have selected for TCS but it’s a formal round where HR gives some advice for your carrier. In my case, it was late so they make a telephonic round where we have to go one by one and tell ourselves again on the telephone.

What is TCS BPS salary?

Here comes the most favorite question of everyone what is TCS BPS salary. When I have join BPS in 2021 and working as a bps there was one year fixed stipend of 16000/- Per Month. After One year according to Good ratings, I got 18,500/- by excluding PF and other deductions. Here I will be getting one more increment in one month but I am writing this content before I will not able to tell you.

In TCS you will have two bands or Rating one for the financial year and one for Anniversary. I have got an 18,500/- Anniversary rating. As I have completed my one year in TCS by the date I have to join TCS.

If you join TCS through TCS Ninja or TCS Digital then your salary will be high and different from BPS Salary. BPS Carrier growth is strong but you have to put a lot of effort and smart work to get into that level of digital cadre.

There is one way you can increase your BPS salary with the help of BPS Elevate wings 1. It is the exam that takes place twice or thrice in a year. Which promotes you and gives you monetary benefits.

What Does TCS Stand For TCS Stands for TATA Consultancy Services which provides services to other clients?

  1. What is bps in TCS?

    Business Process Services (BPS) at TCS are about managing and executing business operations. The BPS Stream Follows the BPO grade which is the lowest category of grading in TCS IT.

  2. Is TCS BPS a good job?

    Yes, it is but there are also other things you should know before joining. to know read our full article.

  3. Is TCS a BPS?

    No TCS is a company and BPS is a recruitment stream where candidates get hired in the company. Read our full article to know more about BPS Hiring, Salary, and growth.

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