Fantasy Month Names 2021

Friends we are presenting top Fantasy Month Names from all over top sources. Here we have the best Fantasy Month Names from quality sources which will very impactful. To get and read all those names keep reading this article carefully.

Fantasy Month Names,
  • Cubbary – January 4 – January 31
  • Lion’s time – February 1 + February 29 (as many of those as needed to sync up)
  • Sunnary – February 2 – March 1
  • Wake – March 2 – March 29
  • Grassery – March 30 – April 26
  • Bloom – April 27 – May 24
  • Shine – May 25 – June 21
  • Middary – June 22 – July 19
  • Scorch – July 20 – August 16
  • Whest – August 17 – September 13
  • Ruttery – September 14 – October 11
  • Leafall – October 12 – November 8
  • Foggery – November 9 – December 6
  • Pallidy – December 7 – January 3

Best Fantasy Month Names

There are two sources for naming the day of the week. In many languages ​​such as French and Spanish. Those days are called in all lands; In Japan, for example, the day of the week is called the top five. The difference is that most languages ​​have Latin Sundays.

Because it was a day when people went to church. Another basis is counting days, so these are days 1, 2, etc. The first day in community history could be Monday or Sunday. In Germany, it was customary to use the names of the planets in Rome. However, they were replaced by those in Germany by the Roman gods. This is how these planets are released.

AriesMarch 21 to April 1930 Days
TaurusApril 20 to May 2031 days
GeminiMay 21 to June 2032 days
CancerJune 21 to July 2231 days
LeoJuly 23 to August 2131 days
VirgoAugust 22 to September 2232 days
LibraSeptember 23 to October 2230 days
ScorpioOctober 23 to November 2130 days
SagittariusNovember 22 to December 2130 days
CapricornDecember 22 to January 1928 days
AquariusJanuary 20 to February 1931 days
PiscesFebruary 20 to March 2029 days

Here are fantasy Month Names :

After doing the math in various ways, I decided that twenty-eight months (seven weeks of 7 days) was too short for me, but I liked the seven weeks of this day because they would be so well known. then entered the second. I resolved this issue by adding two special days each month that made the math work and added a little bit of world-building stuff.

Fantasy Month Names,

It’s nice to have a planet with a globe that has the same rotation as the earth in 24 hours. I don’t want to know these things, the decision to keep the earth as the world makes it easier to use the weather, geography, and other resources in the future. He gave me: 360 days in a year 12 months in a year 30 days a month 7 days a week, the 7th is a special 2 days holiday a month for 15 and 30. Then the only thing I All you have to do is call the month, the day of the week and two special days, and it has a calendar.

  • Frostmoot
  • Deepsnow
  • Winterwane
  • Rainmoot
  • Palesun
  • Highsun
  • Firemoot
  • Firewane
  • Lowsun
  • Redfall
  • Snowmoot
  • Fellnight

And Fantasy day names of the week:

I decided to name a simple combination of names like Frostmoot (January) and Palisun (May) for the month and decided to make the day easier by giving the first letter with a name like a word: Monday, Tuesday, etc. . Keeping in mind that the system did not start, I did what I thought was good and built it.

I like to define a “moot” as a “meeting” or “visit” in this area it refers to another place. In a world where most people cannot read, you can introduce yourself when the store is open, for example by marking the day of the week and marking it: moon, tower, etc. For example, to say “holy day” on Sunday means that in my world, there are saints who have established religious ideas on the Sabbath. bear!

Fantasy calendar month names


Fantasy day names

Here is the list of Fantasy day names

The RG Calendar for Fantasy Month Names
RG MonthAbbreviationDays Long

There are many ways to approach this. For example, does your story/world often happen on ships where people move from the world to a new planet? Even on a ship, the current Gregorian calendar can still function well. And as human beings use different times to rule the earth. different days, and different moons.

 It becomes even more difficult when you encounter races and other objects on the planet that their curriculum fits over different seasons and periods. One way to achieve this is to configure the cloud system to fit your needs and customize it to your own space. For example, Stellar Date is a Star Trek system. 

Stellar Day still follows the Julian day pattern in some ways, but it uses numbers instead of names. Ten points of a star are one-tenth of a day. For example, falls during the day or at noon. The problem with Stardate is that it has changed and improved over time. What you need to learn from this is a moral argument; use this or any fairytale system you choose as a starting point to design your calendar.

Top Fantasy Month Names

Another thing to keep in mind is that the timeline of history has not been very successful. when you want to switch from one system to another (most of the year). Think about the 6k-8k human story of the “Bible” in computer science. There are many lost years between the two calendars. So you can have a relationship between the ancient scientific ideas of your astronomical universe, then you will have an alien race with a record / famous history of only 12,000 years.

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There is nothing wrong with that; in fact, it is perfect. When developing your own social network, keep in mind the races that created it. Keep in mind the ancient race. Think back to the universe and get an idea of ​​how much time you have to spend. For the time of day, make your world day easy to change, 10 settings. One planet may have 40 working days while another planet may have 20 working days. Fortunately, the two are divided by ten, and dividing them by half is a simple calculation.

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