Full salary after 11th bipartite settlement

Hello, friends today I will tell you the salary after 11th bipartite settlement. If you want to get this knowledge then keep reading this article.

salary after 11th bipartite settlement
salary after 11th bipartite settlement

All salary after 11th bipartite settlement

In simple words, if you were getting a gross salary of Rs. 100, after bipartite you will get 115 Rs.

DA percentage as of 01.11.2017 will be merged in Basic and 2.5 percent ( of Basic+ DA) will be added in that. In this way, new Basic pay will arrive. This 2.5 percent is the load factor on Basic Pay.

Suppose basic pay is 60 Rs. and DA was 50 percent as of 1.11.2017. Then 50 percentage of Basic ( Rs. 60) Rs. 30 ( DA as of 1.11.2017) will be added to Basic Pay and it will be loaded with 2.5 percent salary after 11th bipartite settlement.

60 + 30 = 90 Rs.

90 + 2.5 percent of 90= 92.25 Rs will be your new basic.

For understanding,

Before settlement,

Rs. 100= Basic Rs. 60 + DA+ allowances

After Settlement ,

Rs. 115 = Basic Rs. 92.25+ DA + allowances

Rs. 22. 75 = DA + allowances

As DA in this equation is the remaining DA ( increased after 1.11.2017) which is not merged in Basic Pay and there is no increment in the value. So The remaining increment will be given in allowances like HRA, CCA, special Pay, and other allowances and the total increase in gross salary will be 15 percent( it may be above 15 percent but not below).

The answer is based on Quora and knowledge

What is the salary of a newly recruited PO after the 11th bipartite settlement that was agreed to on July 22nd?

Basic 36000

Da@ 23.80% – 8568

Special allowance @ 16.4% -5904

D an on special allowance -1405

Learning allowance – 600

D an on learning allowance – 142

Non-Cca allowance – 700

HRA @ 7% – 2520

NPS EMPLOYEE CONT @ 10 %- 4457

NPS BANK CONT @ 14% – 6240

Gross Salary – Rs 62079

Net salary – Rs 51382

  • The above calculation is done @ Da rate 23.80 % which keeps on changing quaterly depending on CPI index .
  • The Non Cca allowance is taken for calculation. You may get CCA allowance which is 1400. & 1150 depending on your place of posting
  • Hra taken for calculation is 7% . You may get 8% or 9 % depending on your place of posting . You can also get 150% of HRA on production of Rent receipt(which everyone does) . Officers who have availed leased accomodation don’t get HRA .
  • You may also get fuel and hill area allowance depending on your place of posting
  • Rest all other allowances like Petrol , Newspaper , mobile , furniture vary from bank to bank
  • Apart from that medical of Rs 10300 is given yearly .
  • Other benefits include Medical insurance of self and dependent family members , festival advance , higher interest on term deposits (+1), low intt on loans (5–6% , simple insterst)
  • Apart from all these you also get lot of pressure , away from home posting ..
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