how to become CBI officer in 2021

Friends today I am going to tell you how to become CBI Officer in India. Here I will show you the 3 ways to become a CBI officer in India. To become CBI what will be the physical standards, medical standards, training, Uniforms, Salary, and Promotions, lifestyle, facilities given by the government, etc. I am sure no one will tell you about these three ways. So make sure you read the CBI officer article carefully.

how to become CBI officer,how to become CBI officer after 12th
how to become CBI officer in India

CBI is the most powerful department it’s most likely to police but there is a difference between Police and CBI. Police functions in a particular district or station. CBI officers function all over India it means an officer can arrest any criminal from all over India. Initially, When CBI was made it was for Anti Corruption, their main work was to stop anti-corruption in India.

Now in today’s day, it’s a very huge department will many divisions and branches. CBI comes under the ministry of personal public grievances and Pensions. It means it directly comes under the prime minister and that is the main reason CBI is a very powerful department. Because they freedom work no one interferes in their work and their investigation is absolutely fair due to No interference and pressure.

How to join CBI in 2021

As I have introduced you in starting that I will tell you Three ways to know how to become CBI Officer. So the first one is going to be UPSC which is difficult to crack. The second one is SSC which is one of the best ways to join CBI. The third way to join CBI is through deputation.

UPSC: Union Public Service Commission conducts service commission exams from this exam you can become IAS or IPS officer. If you become IPS and go for CBI then you will go directly to an additional SP post and it’s a very good post. This is a very good way to join CBI, but as everyone no’s UPSC exam is not so much easy to crack. The UPSC exam is difficult to crack but if you do smart work it’s not impossible.

SSC: Staff Selection Commission is the best way to join CBI. If you join CBI through SSC then you will get the direct CBI sub-Inspector Post. When you will become a CBI inspector then your first promotion will be after five years. In five years you will become Inspector. After that, if you get the promotion then you will become DSP then Addition SP and SP. The below chart can show the promotion trend from downwards. The below charts show the ranks and promotion trend.

how to become CBI officer,how to become CBI officer after 12th
how to become CBI officer after 12th

Most people who join from CBI Sub Inspector get promoted to SP easily. But in some cases, if a person joins at a young age then he or she can be promoted to SSP. The Director post is equivalent to any state DGP (Director General of Police) Post.

Deputation: Deputation means that from many government departments Employees can join CBI through deputation, for example, the person who is in Income tax, Banking, or state police, and it is the very way to join CBI.

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CBI Officer eligibility

To become a CBI Sub Inspector Officer you need to be a graduate in any stream. If you are graduated in any stream then you can give the exam of SSC, CGL exam. Read the full article on how to become a CBI officer in India

CBI Physical Test

For CBI officers the physical standards are different according to Males and Females.
For males
Height: 165 Cms
Chest: 76 Cms (with expansion)
Vision: 6/6 in one & 6/9 in another eye
(With or Without glasses)

For Females
Height: 150 Cms
Vision: 6/6 in one & 6/9 in another eye
(With or Without glasses)

Read the full article on how to become CBI officer in India

CBI Medical Test

People get fear of CBI medical there are several thoughts in everyone’s mind what are the medical standards is it tough. But let you know CBI Medical Eligibility is very simple and basic. From the department, you will get the medical form you have to fill it from your district CMO’s. These will be very basic check-ups you should not have any major problems. Read the full article on how to become a CBI officer in India

The lifestyle of a CBI officer

There are both sides of every coin good and Bad.

Good Side in CBI Officer
Social Respect
Great Power
High Adventure
Better Growth and Promotions

Good Salary

Bad Side is depended upon situations
Transfer All Over India
Heavy Work Load,
Fewer Holidays
Impact On Social Life
Hectic Schedule

CBI officer uniform

There is no importance of wearing uniforms they are civil clothes police can wear civil clothes for their work. Weapons depend upon branches and divisions like if you are on a risky job rather than any desk job. These jobs are Suitable for girls also there is no bifurcation for girls.

What are the CBI officer salary

The salary of CBI officer is very the basic salary with many different allowances. One thing that is very good in the CBI department compared to other departments is the special allowance. This special allowance scheme is very limited in other departments. In CBI if you work for one year then you will get the salary of 13 Months.

Behind this, there is a specific reason because in normal government jobs there is Saturday and Sunday off. But in the CBI department, it depends upon cases according to need and importance they have to go to the office on Saturday and Sunday. The starting Salary is approximately 73K

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Divisons Of CBI

The CBI’s biggest division is the anti-corruption branch because when CBI was made in an earlier stage it was made for the anti-corruption department. The second one is the anti-corruption unit the anti-corruption branch and anti-corruption unit both are different. In the anti-corruption unit if any corruption is happening and schemes like tenders to internal investigation this department is available.

how to become CBI officer,how to become CBI officer after 12th
central bureau of investigation

The next department is the economic offenses wing this department on big-money scams like bank scams, fraud, etc. Another branch is Special Crime Branch this department works on bigger crimes happening in the nation so no one can influence the investigation and honest investigation can be done. This is a very thrill-type job like shows in movies. The Interpol Branch work in crimes like if criminal runs from one nation to another nation to get them back Interpol branch is available.

The Cybercrime branch deals with any cybercrime which is currently very highly happening around the globe. Special Unit branch work for vigilance and surveillance for example phone tapping etc.

how to become CBI officer after engineering

After Engineering any graduate can join CBI Officer in 3 ways. UPSC, SSC, and Deputation get detailed knowledge on our article read the full article.

how to become CBI officer after graduation

After Graduation in any stream, you can join a CBI officer in three ways. Get detailed information on our article read the full article to know how to become CBI Officer after graduation.

how to become a CBI officer after BCom

Any Graduate can become CBI Office in these three ways. I have explained these Three ways in very detail like eligibility, Salary, power, Work, etc. read the full article to know how to become a CBI officer

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