How To Come Up With Fantasy Names

There are many ways to know How To Come Up With Fantasy Names for your fantasy world, and you should pick the one that best suits the story you want to tell. You could make up a word or combine two words. You could also come up with a name from your favorite book, movie, video game, etc.

How To Come Up With Fantasy Names
How To Come Up With Fantasy Names

Steps For how to come up with fantasy names

These steps can be condensed or expanded depending on your preference:

1. Determine what word you want your character’s name to begin with. What do you want them to stand for? What do you want to represent?

2. Do you want your character’s name to be a title? A title of a character?

3. If you want your character’s name to be the title of a character or a title you’ve created, go ahead and create one.

4. Have you created characters for your book that are not the same type you are going to make your character into? Do they share qualities?

If so, you’ll need to check to see if they have a name that is sufficiently different from your own.

5. Make sure your character’s name is distinctive so that it stands out.

Creating a Character

I know for a fact that you can come up with some pretty good fantasy names, so let’s get you started. Since fantasy stories are usually built around characters with fantastic names, it’s quite easy to incorporate those into your stories and fiction.

If you are developing a classic fantasy story that you’ll write a few drafts of, then let’s say for instance, that the protagonist is called Kazimi.

Choosing a Name

One of the biggest hurdles in creating a fantasy world is coming up with a name that fits in a world where people use long fantasy names, uncommon names, and names that have a few “tricks” to them. First, there’s the “trick” part. No word will work for every player in your game or in every role. The next part to bear in mind is that the more you can avoid “trick” words, the better it is for your game and your audience.

How To Come Up With Fantasy Names
How To Come Up With Fantasy Names

Remember: What you’re writing is a fantasy story. Take that into account when choosing the name for your world. So, take a little more care and effort. The idea here is to name your world in a fantasy fashion.

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The Best Strategies for Coming Up with Fantastic Names

How to find a naming theme

As it turns out, there is such a thing as a perfect name. An original, powerful, and unique name that stands the test of time. And many people are now better than ever at it.

Here are some strategies you can follow to achieve this, along with my “how to write a book without naming it” series for further insight.

As an author, one of the most important decisions you have to make when coming up with a name is whether or not you need to draw inspiration from a place or a person, or if you can simply create a name that you love.

It’s a lot easier to come up with a name that is just as unique and impactful if you simply have a theme in mind.

Perhaps you want to have a name that stands out from other fantasy novels, or you want a name that symbolizes something, or that you just plain just love.

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Generating a name from a word

The simplest way to come up with a fantasy name is to use a word that’s already in your language or to use a word with related meaning.

Wizard names often incorporate the sound of their professions, like “Vorick” and “Frisk” (for fighter and thief), and sometimes have similar spelling or pronunciation, like “Thor,” “Bane,” and “Daxter.” (See all the word origins here.)

In most fantasy settings, there’s usually a blank to fill in — a character who has no name or a name you made up yourself — but sometimes you can generate a name by going a little outside the box.

The Darkfall Consortium goes off the deep end when it comes to fantasy names. To sum up their approach, the story of their MMORPG’s beta, Darkfall: New Britannia, is a legend in and of itself.

Generating a name from an adjective

Reversing your perceptions

The most difficult thing for authors is to find a name for their characters. Unlike a child, they don’t come with a birth certificate and most editors won’t spend time on them. It’s easy to ask your spouse or your daughter if they like a name you’ve found or written, but with writers, this is usually like trying to shove a square peg into a round hole.

If your character has a main flaw, it’s not a matter of what they look like, it’s what they’re like. They’ll either be too nice or too cruel or do something we can’t relate to.

Ideally, a name should be a blend of two or more words. If a name contains every letter of the alphabet, it won’t work.

Generating a name from a letter

The basic fantasy name generator

Gameday Name Generator: The Most Accurate Name Generator for Fantasy Football

a name generator that works for fantasy football

Logical argument generators

Here are several methods you could use to generate realistic names for your players:

Names from people in real life.

Many sports have names that match the unique abilities of the player. These names come from famous athletes or sportspeople in their sport. Or some like to use fantasy sports names from celebrities.

But there is also a trend that you should be careful about:

Players using their names for fantasy teams.

Real-life celebrities.

The “perfect fantasy name”.

You should beware of using names from someone famous or with fame for any of the reasons I explained above.

Using other names as inspiration

Re-purposing names from English history

This guide walks you through everything you need to do to come up with your dream fantasy names. And you’ll get plenty of inspiration along the way. In the past, my husband had thought up names like Aroka and Akarua. Other names had come from times and places in history like Crusoe and the Orphic God of Sleep, Asmodeus.

The main things you should know about coming up with fantasy names is that fantasy names usually have many meanings and that fantasy names for children almost always come with alternate spellings to avoid being mispronounced (or resulting in parental confusion).

The tips and strategies in this guide will help you develop the perfect fantasy names for your world and characters.

How do you name a fantasy world?

What do you think of when you hear the word “dragon” fantasy? If you’re like most people, your answer is probably a fire-breathing creature with wings and scales. You might also imagine ancient mythology like Zeus or the Bible’s Leviathan.

We see this happen in fantasy books and movies all the time: an author will invent a new name for a creature and we’ll instantly get an idea of what it looks like.

The same thing happens in our day-to-day lives. We create nicknames for people we know well, like “Shrimp” or “Bubbles”


In our article on fantasy names, we examined how to come up with fantasy names, but you may notice that the choices we made were far more whimsical than what we’ve come across here. Sometimes, the idea of coming up with a name that’s both fantastic and descriptive is a lot of work, and some readers may find the genre too limiting.

That’s the point: it’s difficult to come up with original fantasy names, so we recommend you start small and expand your repertoire over time. Don’t be put off by the difficulty with practice, you can come up with fantasy names that are as awesome as they are descriptive.

Have any of you taken on the daunting task of how to come up with fantasy names?

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