How to delete Paytm history in 2 Simple Step

Hello, Friends welcome to our site today I will show you how to delete Paytm history. Here you will get the exact answer for how to delete Paytm History. If it is possible then how you can do it and If not then why you can do it. To get answers to all these questions of Paytm History keep reading this article.

Today we will know that how we can see any type of transaction or its history done from Paytm and how to delete that Paytm history from our phone app.

how to delete Paytm history

Apart from recharging our phones, with the Paytm app, we also do online shopping and transfer money for many other tasks, along with paying electricity bills, DTH, or other types of bills. The history of any type of online transaction is saved in Paytm App, in this Paytm history how you will see and also you will know that how to delete Paytm recharge history so let us know what is Paytm history and how to do it from the Paytm app can delete.

Points To Know for how to delete paytm history

Whenever we do any type of transaction from the Paytm app. Like mobile recharge, payment of any shopping bill or transfer money to any of your friends, etc. in Paytm wallet or bank or we get any kind of cashback from Paytm, then its entry is recorded in Paytm app like passbook of a bank. Which can be called Paytm transaction history.

how to delete Paytm history

This transaction history is saved in the Paytm app and we can see all our transactions whenever we want. In Paytm transaction history, even our smallest transactions, even if it is ₹ 1, are recorded.

In this transaction history of the Paytm app, the details of all the transactions done by us through Paytm wallet and the money directly paid or transferred by our bank are kept.

how to check paytm upi history

Just as we can see the history of our transactions done by us in our bank passbook, in the same way, we can see the entry of our digital transactions by going to the Paytm passbook section of the Paytm app.

There are many types of bill payments, shopping, or transactions, but we do not keep track of when we have paid how much or when we have received how much money. If we are not able to keep track of it, then no problem, now we can get complete details by going to Paytm transaction history.

First login to your Paytm App

Now tap on passbook balance and history

Now here you will see all the payments and online transactions done through Paytm in the previous months. If you have received any cashback money in this, then it will also be visible as well as which transaction has taken place on which date.

If you want to see the transaction history of the Paytm wallet, then tap on the Paytm wallet. Below you will see the Request Wallet statement written with many options, click on it.

Now select how many days you want to see Paytm wallet history here. You can select this Paytm Wallet History 1 month or 3 months or more whichever one you want.

The transaction history of your Paytm wallet will be sent to the email address provided by you. This way you can not only view Paytm transaction history but also download it to your email address.

how to delete order history in paytm

Above you have seen how to view Paytm transaction history and how to know your transaction history.

For your convenience here, let us tell you that there is no such option in the Paytm app by which you can delete your transaction history. But if required and you want to delete your transaction history then you can make such a request to the Paytm support team by visiting the Paytm app help desk.

As soon as your request is received by the Paytm Help support team, it will delete your transaction history from your Paytm app.

For your information, let us tell you that the Paytm transaction history of the previous years is automatically deleted, only the transaction history of the current session is visible.

If you want to delete your Paytm transaction history, as before, go to your transaction history and tap on it. You see this Paytm transaction history something like this.

how to delete paytm passbook history

Now click on any one transaction history. Below you will find the option 24×7 help to send messages to the Paytm support team where you can write about the respective transaction history.

You can forward this here by writing a message related to deleting Paytm transaction history. After some time your Paytm transaction history will be deleted.

In this way, you must have come to know that how to delete Paytm history. Now if you want, you can delete your transaction history by contacting the Paytm support team.

how to delete Paytm transaction history

There are many options available to check and delete things in Paytm. But the major question is that how to delete Paytm history. The answer is very simple just check out the article to get the full detailed information.

how to delete recharge history in Paytm

In Paytm you can check the history of many things like food order, Recharge, etc. But can you delete that history? Don’t we have the right answer for that which can help you to understand the logic of deleting recharge history in Paytm

how to delete Paytm history

Everyone want’s to know how to delete Paytm history but no one’s getting the correct steps for that reason is a lack of information. If you are also finding a way to clear the Paytm history then keep reading our article.

Conclusion: I hope you all have got clarity about Paytm history. The transaction history is important and why you can’t delete that history in Paytm App. If you found this Paytm history article informative then share this article with your friends and family.

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