How To Get A Job In TCS As A Fresher 7.5 Lakh Salary

hello, friend today I will tell you how to get a job in TCS as a fresher. Here you will get complete information on Tcs job recruitment in 2021. So to learn how to get a job in TCS off campus keeps reading this article.

TCS has the biggest brand value and it has great achievements in the entire world. This company is famous for its quality and efficiency. Because of that now comes the world’s largest IT company by defeating Accenture. The TCS has many similarities to government jobs. because of job securities and many benefits for its employee.

How To Get Job in TCS for Freshers

In your mind, there will be a big question that how to get a Job in TCS as a fresher. There are two important ways to get a job in TCS and these two methods are most preferable.

Aptitude Test:

There are many aptitude tests or Assessment company conducts every year. The TCS ION, TCS DCA, TCS BPS, and many more. These all Aptitude tests are somehow different from each other. All these tests have some benefits and losses like according to the assessment you will enter programs like Digital, Ninja, BPS.

The program decides your role and salary so you have to choose assessments according to your interest. For example, TCS Digital has the highest salary according to other programs. If you want your work profile with not much coding, you go for Ninja and BPS programs or streams. Now get to the point of how to get a job in TCS as a fresher.

There will be no coding in the BPS aptitude test so you can clear the test But the lowest salary according to other programs. In training, you will get a fixed stipend of 16,000 RS Monthly. After one year of training, you will get a hike in your salary.

If you are joining in Digital or TCS Elevate Wings 1 Exam then you have a perk that you will the salary of 7.5 LPA. But If you want to know how to get a job in TCS as Fresher in digital then you have to clear the test in which you will have advanced coding. It doesn’t mean it’s hard you can clear it by solving many problems. If you have no coding skills then you can learn a simple c programming language for one and two months for solving problems.

Read this Courses Details of TCS Elevate Wings 1 Exam For TCS Digital and how clear the test

TCS HR Interview Questions For TCS Elevate Wings1 Exam

The interview round will be there after a successful test. The Mail from the company you will receive and you have to go for an interview on nearest location. There you have to carry an Adhar card and your college Id. They will take you to a particular classroom because you all will be in a bunch of numbers. Then the supervisors will ask for your resume and some form will be provided. Those forms you have to fill and submit to Hr or any other will be there But the fact is how to get a job in TCS as a fresher.

The interview can be very long because it has three rounds HR, Technical, and MR. So make sure you have some food or breakfast before coming. In the HR round, he will ask some questions about myself and some questions on Why I want to join TCS or how to get a job in TCS as a fresher. So make sure you should prepare a smooth simple myself and get some information about the company. While giving an interview you have been confident and relax, speak only in English. If you have a problem speaking then speak slow but keep speaking if you stuck.

Then might be HR will make you stop and say you can take your bag leave. This was the real scenario where my friend was suffering. The main part is that you should clear the HR round because it’s the easiest interview they use to take but due to lack of confidence and fear. Students get reject, if you prepared your me and gathered some information on the company you clear this interview and your main problem of how to get a job in TCS as a fresher will be solved.

TCS Technical Rounds and TCS MR Round

In the technical round, you will have some discussion on your project or maybe they can ask you technical questions on your projects. So you have learned the all answers. Then also everyone questioning how to get a job in TCS as a fresher, But it very easy Just follow these steps.

languages that you have used in your project. Again there should be a proper posture and confidence. If you don’t know the answer then try to give relatable answers or convincing answers.

MR Round:

If you cleared the technical round then you will be free. Because in MR round they will just discuss you and work. If you want to get a job then say yes for any difficulty like the night shift. It can turn into a telephonic round due to a delay in time. There also they will ask you myself and maybe interrupt you between speak. These steps are the way for how to get a job in TCS as a fresher.

While the long interview, they will provide you snacks and tea. So be calm and give your interview to get a job. After selection, you will have to wait until unless they will contact you for documentation and some other procedures like BGC Check. There will be an ILP session on the Initial learning programs.

Many students want to know how to get a Job in TCS as a fresher. While it’s the same for all other companies, read all these given details and you can get to know how to get a Job in TCS as a fresher.

What is TCS Elevate Wings 1 Exam?

The TCS Elevate Wings 1 Exam is an Assessment for getting Jobs in TCS Digital Program. This Assessment also conducts for Internal employees twice a Year. If you clear this exam the salary package will be high.

Conclusion: Share it with your friends and family. If you like our content and make sure everyone knows how to get a job in TCS as a Fresher. There are many benefits of working at TCS like Health schemes and job securities. Be prepared with interview questions and you will get selected in TCS Elevate Wings 1 Exam.

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