How To Install Full Lace Wig

Hey, guys today I will you how to install a full lace wig with and without. if it’s your first time here hello so in today’s article. I’m gonna be showing you guys how I install this full lace wig way this is 22 inches of curliness from beauty mark bundles. I will post all that info below down and walk you through the steps.

what I do from full lace install it’s very similar. if not the exact same thing to UM a lace front will install. it’s just that it has combs and you can tie it up. if you’d like if you do glue down the back I hope you guys enjoyed this article and make sure you give your comment and share thank you, guys.

How To Install Full Lace Wig with Glue

How To Install Full Lace Wig

Step 1

Alrighty, guys so the first thing that I do to get started with my unit. I make sure that I pluck and bleach them not. so I can have a supernatural hairline. so now with my way cap on looking like a little boy. I’m gonna say mine got to be glue freeze-dried blasting.

whatever it’s called spray in the yellow bottle and spray all around my hairline with my wig cap on this. To all the way cap to my head so that I am able to create a scalp illusion. That how more i will tell you How To Install Full Lace Wig with Glue.

Step 2

so after I spray my hairline I let it dry for about five minutes. I use a blow dryer on the cool setting 40 to process. what I’m doing now is cutting a hole each on my ear. so that I can put the way cap over. so that I’m able to adhere the sides down. you want to use a little bit more of the free spray to just really tack it down.

because the sides do tend to lift up the clicking. so now that it’s dry I’m gonna take a pair of scissors. Then cut away and you own the excess you will be left with like a little piece of hanging. That you can see didn’t catch the free shine spray. I’m gonna show you how to mold these down in the next step.

How to install a lace front wig for beginners

Step 3

so now using a clear gel of your choice. I use the Garnier Fructis hard cement gel. I’m going back over and repeat this that weren’t able to catch with the hairspray. so that I can mold them down to create a seamless and look as much as possible do the same thing. I let that dry and then you want to go back in with your scissors. Any little pieces that didn’t catch with the gel you just want to cut it off completely.

Step 4

so now I use the rubbing alcohol just to get off the gel. And you gel that is gotten onto my skin. It will make the edge of your forehead look a little bit dry as you can see. but do not worry about that. so now I take a liquid foundation closest to my skin. I’m just gonna put that all over the front of my head. To create the scalp illusion that I was talking about you guys. Make sure you don’t go to ham on the foundation. It’s like a full lace wig install salon.

How To Install Full Lace Wig with Glue
How To Install Full Lace Wig with Glue

because they can come out looking very orangey or Brown. just totally clash and not do what it’s supposed to do you always want to start with a little bit. Then build up as you go along all right. so now with the baby wipe, you’re gonna go over the front of your hairline. just wipe off any makeup. That may have gotten onto your skin you don’t want to put the wig on the while. Now get info on How To Install Full Lace Wig with Glue.

There’s a lot of makeup on your skin. because it will clog your pores and give you pimples. All that not good stuff so as you can see. here is my 22 inches full late curly unit looking very exotic and lovely and about to show you guys. how I am strong so with this wig I cut it prior to installation. whereas in my other article and you’d it down and then cut it I like this method it honestly. just depends on what I’m doing well what I’m going to do.

How to install a lace front wig

Step 5

In Step 5 of How To Install Full Lace Wig with Glue. Now is use my ghost bond glue and I’m just gonna start putting glue around the front of my hairline. Then you do not want to put any glue on your hair left. Also want to make sure it measures up properly which is what you’re continually doing. Then you want to do one side at a time. we need your whole head some places might dry faster than others. so you literally just do it in sections.

I use nude in sections of 4 2 on each side. I let it dry until it’s clear. then I mold it down with a rat tail comb. so that it stays super flat. so when you do it this way you’re bound to have little pieces that you obviously can’t measure exactly. All I do if I have any little flaps again.

I go around with the glue and I just put a thin layer and we pick the process of melting it down my rat. so cold it’s making sure that it’s clear now you can see. I’m moving on to the next side. while I wait for that side to dry and I’m repeating the same process. just putting one layer of glue wait until it turns clear. Then molding it down with my rat’s tail.

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Step 6

so once I’m done that I use a blow dryer on high heat setting. I just go around my whole hairline just to reinforce the news it’ll get hot. then I’ll get cool and then it leaves it to stick really well. so now it’s time for the baby hair it’s what you want to do. Let’s get more into the How To Install Full Lace Wig with Glue.

if the baby hairs just section off a little piece on both sides of your head. That you are basically a lot into baby hair you always want to start small. Then add more if you want and you can always cut more hair if you cut too much you can’t get it back. so I just kind of eyeball it to see.

how much I like I don’t like super crazy baby air. but once I’ve parted how much I want I use the small razor. I got this razor from the beauty supply store. I just basically slice away at the hair. let’s lay my edges I used the Garnier Fructis hard cement styling gel.

Full lace wig install salon

The same gel I used to mold down my way cap. I just use an edge brush. I go throughout the whole front of the front roll. I just flick everything back trying to make it look as natural as possible as you can see here. you have to really play around with it. To get the look that you want you may even have to go back and cut some more baby hairs. think it’s a little too crazy I ended up having to go back and cut.

I think on the other side. because we’re just looking a little too long for my liking. but you just play around. so you get it to look the way that you want it then you put on your silk scarf and let your edges wait. We will launch new articles on How To Install Full Lace Wig without Glue or Full lace wig install salon.

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