How to Measure Ring Size at Home – India Ring Size Charts

Hey guys! So today we’re talking ring sizing and How to Measure Ring Size At Home. If you find this article helpful, make sure to share these articles with you knows. so we know what you guys are looking for. So first, let’s see ring size charts and then talk about what does not work.

Here at Ben, we’ve been making jewelry for almost 10 years. and over the years we have seen all the at-home ring size measuring methods and I’m going to show them to you!  

How to Measure Ring Size At Homeinternational ring size chart

All India Ring Size Chart Find Your Ring Size in Inches or mm

Inside Diameter (inches)Inside Diameter (mm)Inside Circumference (inches)Inside Circumference (mm)USA & CanadaBritish, Irish, Australian & New ZealandEuropean
0.474121.48837.8 A 
0.48212.21.51338.4 A 1/2 
0.49812.61.56439.71 1/4B 1/2 
0.50612.91.58940.41 1/2C 
0.51413.11.614411 3/4C 1/2 
0.5313.51.66442.32 1/4D 1/2 
0.53813.71.68942.92 1/2E2.75
0.54613.91.71443.52 3/4E 1/2 
0.56214.31.76544.83 1/4F 1/25.25
0.5714.51.7945.53 1/2G  
0.57814.71.81546.13 3/4G 1/26.5
0.59415.11.86547.44 1/4H 1/27.75
0.60215.31.89484 1/2I  
0.6115.51.91548.74 3/4J9
0.61815.71.94149.35J 1/2  
0.62615.91.96649.95 1/4K10
0.63416.11.99150.65 1/2K 1/2  
0.64216.32.01651.25 3/4L11.75
0.6516.52.04151.86L 1/212.75
0.65816.72.06652.56 1/4M12.75
0.66616.92.09153.16 1/2M 1/214
0.67417.12.11653.86 3/4N 
0.68217.32.14154.47N 1/215.25
0.6917.52.167557 1/4O 
0.69817.72.19255.77 1/2O 1/216.5
0.70617.92.21756.37 3/4P 
0.71418.12.24256.98P 1/217.75
0.72218.32.26757.68 1/4Q 
0.7318.52.29258.28 1/2Q 1/2 
0.73818.72.31758.98 3/4R19
0.74618.92.34259.59R 1/2 
0.75419.22.36860.19 1/4S20.25
0.76219.42.39360.89 1/2S 1/2 
0.7719.62.41861.49 3/4T21.5
0.77819.82.44362.110T 1/2 
0.786202.46862.710 1/4U 
0.79420.22.49363.310 1/2U 1/222.75
0.8120.62.54364.611V 1/2 
0.81820.82.56965.211 1/4W25
0.826212.59465.911 1/2W 1/2 
0.83421.22.61966.511 3/4X 
0.84221.42.64467.212X 1/227.5
0.8521.62.66967.812 1/4Y 
0.85821.82.69468.412 1/2Z28.75
0.866222.71969.112 3/4Z 1/2 
0.88222.42.76970.313 1/4Z1 
0.8922.62.7957113 1/2  
0.89822.82.8271.613 3/4Z2 
0.91423.22.8772.914 1/4  
0.92223.42.89573.514 1/2Z4 
0.9323.62.9274.214 3/4  
0.946242.9775.415 1/4  
0.95424.22.99676.115 1/2  
0.96224.43.02176.715 3/4  
O Ring Size Charts

Let’s talk about it. So first up we have the string method. now this is a pretty common at-home measuring method that we find is the most inaccurate. So what you’re doing here is you’re measuring the circumference of your finger. That measurement can vary so slightly with o ring size charts that you could be getting any range of sizes. That is definitely not the one you were looking for.

So second up is the tape measure method. which is the same idea and we find it’s just too hard to measure to get an accurate reading. the main thing about the story is that it’s just not going to work. And lastly, one common myth is that your ring size equals your shoe size. we don’t find this is an accurate way to guess your ring size. But if it is true for you let us know in the comments maybe there’s some truth to this myth!

cartier ring size charto ring size chart
international ring size chart

Most Common Question how to measure ring size at home

So that is everything that doesn’t work, let’s talk about what does work! One simple method for finding your ring size at home. if you already have a ring that you want to base the same size off of is a handy dandy printout sheet. so this is the ring size sheet from the website you can find at

what you do is you hold the ring that you already have up to find the size. so you can figure it out. This one’s about an eight because it touches the outside edge of that number and you wanna make sure that you’re printing. this 
the guy at 100% to make sure it’s the most accurate o ring size chart.  

cartier ring size chart

This is also a good way of measuring from a ring size chart. if you’re getting someone a surprise gift you can sneak one of their rings measure it and then order a ring in the same size. So the most accurate way to find your ring size 
at home is with one of these handy ring sizers.

These ring sizes are super affordable and you can get one at our website all of our customers can get one complimentary!  So here is a closer look at the ring sizer you can see it has all the numbers on it. That correlates to your ring size and you want to make sure that it fits over your knuckle comfortably.

but doesn’t fall off your finger when you shake your hand. So it looks like my index finger is a  size 8 so here you can see I have a size 8 ring and it fits perfectly. when you order a Ring  Sizing Kit from our website you get one of these handy little sheets where you can write down your ring sizes for future uses. So that’s how to find your ring size at home and the Cartier ring size chart.

now I’m going to go over some of the most common questions like how to measure ring size at home. that we get from our customers about ring sizing.  

how do I size for larger rings?

So ring sizing can vary depending on the width of the ring. let’s say you just found your ring size on a smaller design and you’re a 7 you may want to size up to 7.25 or a 7.5 depending on what’s comfortable for you o ring size chart.

if you want a thicker design. All of our designs are available in sizes 1-16 in whole, half, or quarter sizes so you can get the perfect fit!

How do I take into account finger swelling

when I’m trying to find my ring size?
The finger swelling is super common and sizing for this is totally up to your comfort level like I showed with the ring sizer earlier. If you want to make sure that the ring can fit over your knuckle and isn’t too tight on your finger. but doesn’t come off when you shake your hand.

Are mens and womens ring sizes

The answer to that one is yes! Most jewelers will measure with Standard US Ring Sizing. which does include everybody, and if you want to know more about sizing for men’s and women’s jewelry learn more here.

So that is all the info on how to measure ring size at home or finding your ring size at home. just some tips to keep in mind. everybody’s hands are different some people have all the same size. some people have different sizes on each finger – everyone’s different. Another thing is a lot of stores will only offer sizes 5-7 which we think leaves out a 
a lot of people.

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We pride ourselves in making our jewelry accessible to everyone by offering sizes 1-16. And lastly. I do want to mention that this is not an exact science. it may take you a few tries before you find your perfect fit.

There’s a lot of factors that play into how to measure ring size at home. With that being said we are always here to help you can send us an email. if you need help finding your ring size and all these tools to find your ring size can be found on the website at

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