How To Participate in Olympics from India

Hello, friends. You all want to know how to participate in Olympics from India. Today I will give detailed information on Olympic participation and eligibility criteria. If you’re going to learn Who is eligible to participate in the Olympics, keep reading this article. Olympic games world biggest sports competition. More than 30 games in the Olympics, like Judo, Karate, Modern Pentathlon, rowing, etc.

How To Participate in Olympics from India,Who is eligible to participate in the Olympics

Brief on how to participate in Olympics from India

In 2024 there will be Paris Olympic where you can take part But how to participate in Olympics from India. You are aware of some ways, like how someone can get eligible to participate in the Olympics: two official and proper ways to participate in games.

Most people thought is that to take part in the Olympic games first you have to start from District Level. You will play at the state level when you get the district medal and earned a silver or gold medal. Then you will play at the National level. But if you won the gold medal at the national level, you are eligible to direct;y play in Olympics games.

Method 1 to take part in OlympicQualify

Now you will be thinking of how to qualify for the Olympics and the eligibility rules for the Olympics. Everything you will get to know here is the below article.

how to qualify for Olympics in India

In Olympics for athletes, there are some qualifying standards. Let’s see step by step through the chart the qualifying standards for athletes in Olympic games 2024.

If you are a national-level gold medalist and have won the race by 10.07 s but for Olympic eligibility is 10.05, you will not be eligible to play for Olympic. Athletes need to meet qualifying standards. But If you match the qualifying standard of 10.05, then you will be selected for playing Olympics.

EventsEntry Marks
100 m10.05
200 m20.24
400 m44.90
800 m1:45.20
1500 m3:35.00
5000 m13:13.50
10,000 m27:28.00
110 m hurdles13.32
400 m hurdles48.90
3000 m steeplechase8:22.00
20 km walk1:21:00
50 km walk3:50:00
Long jump8.22
Triple jump17.14
High jump2.33
Pole vault5.80
Shot put21.10
Discus throw66.00
Hammer throw77.50
Javelin throw85.00
4 × 100 m relay

4 × 400 meters relay (mixed)
Top 8 at WAC +
Any unqualified nation that reaches the final of the 2021 World Athletics Relays +
Next best from top lists up to a maximum field of 16 teams
how to participate in Olympics from India
EventEntry mark
100 m11.15
200 m22.8
400 m51.35
800 m01:59.5
1500 m04:04.2
5000 m15:10.0
10,000 m31:25.0
100 m hurdles12.84
400 m hurdles55.4
3000 m steeplechase09:30.0
20 km walk01:31:00
Long jump6.82
Triple jump14.32
High jump1.96
Pole vault4.7
Shot put18.5
Discus throw63.5
Hammer throw72.5
Javelin throw64
4 × 100 m relay
Any unqualified nation that reaches the final of the 2021 World Athletics Relays +
4 × 400 m relay
Top 8 at WAC +
Next best from top lists up to a maximum field of 16 teams

Same for every sports game have qualifying standards that athletes have to match that standard. For example, in the Men’s 200m race, there are 20.24 seconds entry marks, and for 400m, there are 44.90 seconds. Infield events, you have to match the distance standards.

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For qualifying, there is a Board Athletics Federation of India. This federation takes several competitions. This federation takes several competitions. The competitions like Indian Grand Prix Series 2021, Indian Grand Prix-4 and 24th Federation Cup National Senior Athletics Championship 2020. the other one is like National Inter Stae Athletics Championship.

  • Indian Grand Prix Series 2021
  • Indian Grand Prix-4
  • 24th Federation Cup National Senior Athletics Championship 2020
  • National Inter Stae Athletics Championship
  • 60th National Open Athletics Championships 2021
How To Participate in Olympics from India,Who is eligible to participate in the Olympics
how to participate in Olympics from India

All these are competitions where you have to participate and achieve a Qualifying standard. So I have told you there are two methods the second method does not apply to Rio Olympics. But it was applicable in Tokyo Olympics.

Method 2 to take part in OlympicWorld Ranking System

World Athletic is a sports governance body. They have a website where they update the athlete ranking after every competition. If you have heard about the Dhuti Chand name, you will know that she was India’s national record holder in 100m. Now recently, she made a new record, but she didn’t qualify the standards. The Qualifying standard women’s 100m was 11.15 seconds, and the national record was 11.17 seconds.

But In the world ranking, she was in the top 56 athletes, and by the ranking system for 100m race, she got selected in Tokyo Olympics. The ranking system for sports games varies individually to a particular game. Like field events jump for men and women ranking is 32. If your world ranking is 32, then you are eligible to play for the Olympics.

Our Indian Athlete name, Jabber, who is in the Indian navy, qualifies for Tokyo Olympic 2021. Men’s Hurdle didn’t pass by timing, but he was allowed by the world ranking system because he was in the top 40. So he got selected for that sports game. These are the two ways from where you can participate in Olympics.

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In Olympics in 1900 Athletes participate in 190 countries. The 100 spots are for Universalities spots for those countries who are smaller or underdeveloped and not qualified for Olympics. The one men and women can participate in Olympic games.

In this India doesn’t come in Universalities because most the people in India get qualified by these two ways. In the Olympics to participate the minimum age is 16 years. The youngest youth athletes cannot participate in some sports which are intense games like throwing events.

How can I participate in the Olympics?

One person can participate through 2 methods Olympic Qualifying standards and the World Ranking system. To Get detailed information Read more.

Can anyone participate in Olympics?

Yes, Any person can participate in Olympics by Olympic Qualifying standards and World Ranking system. Read More for Detail Information

Who is eligible to participate in the Olympics?

The Person who Qualified the Olympic Qualifying standards Or World Ranking system. The world ranking system varies according to different games read more for information.

What is the age limit for the Olympics?

In order to participate the age limit is 16 in Olympics. There are some sports where the youngest youth cannot participate to find out the reason read this article fully.

Conclusion: If you found our article for Participation in Olympic informative then share this article with everyone. So every person can take part in Olympics by their talent and efforts.

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