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Hello, Friends today I will give you the best 20 Murugan Images HD. These are the best Murugan Images that have been found in several parts of the world. All images have been researching and found out from google. Lord Murugan images are very popular in the south part of India.

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Lord Murugan Images HD 2021

The mascots of Shiva’s ceremony, the mascots, Murugan and Skanda are also similar. The story of miracles is also miraculous. The worship of Kartikeya is mainly in southern India. The Yazidi people in Arabia, are the main deities. The area near the North Pole is similar in bacteria to the North Kuru.

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The chakras are sequential in the name itself. First story: When Lord Shiva’s wife Sati jumped to ashes in the yajna of father Daksha, then Shiva was engrossed in deep penance while lamenting. Health remains fine. The demons take advantage of this opportunity and terror spreads around the earth named Tarakasur. has to face defeat.

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All four are in complete uproar. There is communication in Brahmaji’s communication and other angels communicate with Shiva, then Shankar Shankar’s affection for ‘Parvati’ is tested and it happens in one way and this way. There should be a festival of Shiva and Parvati in auspicious time and auspicious time.

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This is the birth of Kartikeya. The deities are ordained by the slaying of Kartikeya Tarakasur. This date is fixed from the date of the festival as their worship has special significance.

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The Lord Murugan Story Sukesh

Sukesh: Shiva had a third son whose name was Sukesh. The representations of demons were assigned to both the people- ‘Heti’ and ‘Praheti’. These two were brothers. Both of them were as strong and mighty as Madhu and Kaitabh, the representatives of the demons.

Praheti was a virtuous person, so Heti was more interested in royalty and politics. The demon king Heti married ‘Bhaya’, the daughter of ‘Kaal’, to expand his empire. From Bhaya, a son named Vidyutkesh was born to him.

Vidyutkesh was married to Sandhya’s daughter Salkatankata. It is believed that ‘Salakatankata’ was an adulteress. Because of this, when his son was born, he was left unclaimed. Vidyutkesh also did not care for that son knowing that he does not know whose son is. According to the Puranas, Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati saw that orphaned child and they gave him protection. He named it Sukesh.

Sukesh married a Gandharva girl, Devvati. Sukesh had 3 sons from Devvati – 1. Malyavan, 2. Sumali and 3. Mali. Due to these three, the demon race got expansion and fame.

Murugan Story Jalandhar

Jalandhar: Shiva had a fourth son whose name was Jalandhar. Jalandhar became the biggest enemy of Shiva. According to Srimadmadevi Bhagavata Purana, Jalandhar was a part of Asura Shiva, but he did not know about it. Jalandhar was a very powerful Asura. After defeating Indra, Jalandhar became the lord of the three worlds. Yamraj was also afraid of him.

According to Srimadmadevi Bhagavata Purana, once Lord Shiva threw his effulgence into the ocean, due to which Jalandhar was born. It is believed that Jalandhar had immense power and the reason for his power was his wife Vrinda. Due to Vrinda’s virtuous religion, all the gods and goddesses together were not able to defeat Jalandhar. Jalandhar became proud of his power and disobeying Vrinda’s virtuous dharma, working against the gods, started harassing their women.

Jalandhar knew that if there is someone most powerful in the universe, then he is the God of gods, Mahadev. In order to establish himself as almighty, Jalandhara first defeated Indra and became Trilodhipati respectively. After this, he attacked Vishnu Lok.

Jalandhar plans to defeat Vishnu and snatch Goddess Lakshmi from Vishnu. Due to this, he attacked Baikunth. But Goddess Lakshmi told Jalandhar that we are both born from water, so we are brothers and sisters. Jalandhar was impressed by the words of Goddess Lakshmi and left from Baikunth considering Lakshmi as her sister.

After this he planned to attack Kailash and gathered all his asuras and went to Kailash and tried to make Goddess Parvati his wife. Due to this Goddess Parvati got angry and then Mahadev had to fight with Jalandhar. But due to Vrinda’s chastity, every attack of Lord Shiva made Jalandhar fruitless.

In the end the gods made a plan together and Lord Vishnu disguised as Jalandhar reached Vrinda. Considering Lord Vishnu as her husband Jalandhar, Vrinda started treating him like a wife. This broke Vrinda’s virtuous religion and Shiva killed Jalandhar.

Vrinda committed self-immolation when Vishnu violated her chastity, then a Tulsi plant was born on top of her ashes. Tulsi is the form of Goddess Vrinda, whom Lord Vishnu considers more dear than Lakshmi.

The present Jalandhar city in the Punjab province of India is named after Jalandhar. Even today in Jalandhar, the temple of Goddess Vrinda, wife of Asuraraj Jalandhar, is located in Mohalla Kot Kishanchand. It is believed that there was an ancient cave here, which went straight to Haridwar. It is believed that in ancient times there used to be 12 ponds around this city. One had to take the help of boat to reach the city.

Story of Lord Vishnu

Ayyappa: Lord Ayyappa’s father is Shiva and mother is Mohini. Seeing the Mohini form of Vishnu, Lord Shiva had ejaculated. His semen was called Parad and from his semen later a son named Sasthava was born, who was called Ayyappa in South India. He is called ‘Hariharaputra’ because of his origin from Shiva and Vishnu.

There is a famous temple of Ayyappa Swamy in Sabarimalai in the Indian state of Kerala, where people from all over the world come to visit the temple of this son of Shiva. Near this temple, on the night of Makar Sankranti, a light is seen here living in the thick darkness. Millions of devotees from all over the world come every year to see this light.

Bhuma: Once upon a time when Lord Shiva was meditating in the samadhi on Mount Kailash, three drops of sweat fell on the earth from his forehead. From these drops, the earth gave birth to a beautiful and lovely child, who had four arms and was of blood color. Prithvi started taking care of this son. That’s why being the son of the land, it was called Bhaum.
When something big happened, Mangal reached Kashi and did severe penance of Lord Shiva. Then Lord Shiva was pleased and granted him Mangal Lok.

You must have read the names of the sons of Lord Vishnu. If you haven’t read then read now – Ananda, Kardam, Srid and Chiklit. Vishnu married Lakshmi, the daughter of Bhrigu, son of Brahma. Shiva married Sati, the daughter of Daksha, the son of Brahma, but Sati was consumed by jumping into the fire of Daksha’s sacrifice. He had no son or daughter. Then how was the son of Shiva born?

After Sati’s self-immolation, Sati was born in her second birth as Uma in the Himalayas, this Uma later became known as Parvati. Sati or Uma is the form of Maa Durga.> After the union of Shiva and Parvati, the household life of Shiva started and many types of events started in his life. Shivaji had many sons while living with Parvati. Interesting information about the main 6 sons among them

Brave Lord Vishnu Avtar

Ganesha: Lord Shiva’s first wife was Sati, who was burnt to ashes in the fire. When the same Sati took her second birth as Parvati, she did penance to attain Lord Shiva. Shiva was pleased and fulfilled her wish and married her. There are conflicting stories of the origin of Ganesha in the Puranas. Ganesha was born on the afternoon of Bhadrapada Shukla Chaturthi. First story: According to a legend, due to the sight of Shani, the head of baby Ganesha was burnt to ashes. At this, Brahma said to the sad Parvati (not Sati)

‘Those whose head is found first, put it on the head of Ganesha.’ The first head was found only of a baby elephant. Thus Ganesha became ‘Gajanan’.

According to the second story, Parvatiji started taking a bath after placing Ganesha at the door. Then Shiva came and started entering Parvati’s house. When Ganesha stopped him, angry Shiva cut off his head. These Ganesha were originated by Parvatiji from the mixture of sandalwood. When Parvati saw that her son had been beheaded, she was furious. To pacify his anger, Lord Shiva put the head of an elephant baby on Ganesha’s head and he rose.

Kartikeya: The second son of Shiva, Kartikeya is also called Subramaniam, Murugan and Skanda. The story of his birth is also strange. Kartikeya is mainly worshiped in South India. People of the Yazidi race in Arabia also worship him, he is their main deity. He ruled under the name Skanda only in the region of Uttar Kuru, the region near the North Pole. Skanda Purana is named after him.

First story: When Sati, the wife of Lord Shiva jumped to ashes in the yajna of father Daksha, then Shiva became absorbed in deep penance while lamenting. By doing so, the world becomes powerless. The demons take advantage of this opportunity and terror spreads around the earth named Tarakasur. The gods have to face defeat. There is an outcry everywhere, then all the deities pray to Brahmaji. Then Brahmaji says that Tarak will be ended by Shiva’s son.

Indra and other Devas go to Lord Shiva, then Lord Shankar tests ‘Parvati”s affection for himself and is pleased with Parvati’s penance and thus Shiva and Parvati get married in an auspicious time and auspicious time. Thus Kartikeya is born. Kartikeya kills Tarakasur and gives his place to the gods. According to the Puranas, Lord Kartikeya was born on Shashthi Tithi, hence his worship has special significance on this day.

Second story: But according to another story, Kartikeya was born from 6 different wombs of 6 Apsaras and then those 6 different bodies got merged into one.

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