What is PWD Full Form in Details

The PWD full form is the public work department of India. The PWD is an Indian government agency that responsible for public services. The department has to build and maintain the public services.
Public government highways, drinking water, public transport, and many more. The department works in centralize manner and takes care of all other activities.

There is a different PWD for every state of India. All PWD has sub-divisions like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Banglore, Tamil. There is a separate PWD for each state in which divisions, sub-divisions. Like Rajasthan, Punjab, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, and many more. it looks like a different PWD. Departments have the same responsibilities in all countries.

PWD full form In Hindi- सार्वजनिक कार्य विभाग

PWD Responsibilities in India

The PWD is also responsible for providing clean drinking water to the city.
The work does not end there they have to repair broken water pipelines.
Also, if there is any damage to government schools, highways, the PWD will rebuild.
It has almost the same functions and responsibilities in all the states. such as designing and constructing all government-led public projects.
The constructing and developing highways, road and highway safety, and services.
The agency checks the maintenance of government buildings. And improving etc.
Some of this research was before done by the military in India.
Responsibility for public affairs was finally transferred to a special section.
PWD Full Form
PWD full form

PWD Category Full Form

  • Safe System of Drinking Water For Public
  • The old Government building construction and Maintenance
  • New and Old Bridge Construction and Maintenance
  • Fast and efficient Construction, growth, road safety, highways, and flyover

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The PWD Full Form in Medical

Another meaning of PWD full form in medical is different. PWD full form in medical is a person with a disability. The person with a disability for long-term physical, mental illness. There are various types of disability are mention.

1. Locomotor disability
It means disability in walking or any type of disability in walking. If you have problems with your leg and due to this you have a walking problem. This problem comes under the locomotor disability.

2. Cerebral Palsy
It is a mental disorder that comes from birth. This disorder occurs in the brain from birth. It is not progressive so it will damage only one time after birth. This disorder controls body movement and the brain does not coordinate with the body.

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3. Low Vision
Low is like color blindness or blindness but there some differences. In low vision, the person’s eye can see things but in many things, it’s not visible. If your vision is 20/70 to 20/200 then you have a low vision problem.

4. Blindness
The person with a total absence of sight. Person visibility is less than 3/60 or less than 10/200 (Snellen) in the better eye. The limit is 20 degrees for eyesight.

5. Mental retardation
In this condition, a person has an incomplete development of the mind. which is especially characterized by the subnormality of intelligence.

6. Hearing Impairment
In this case, a person is unable to listen to the sound frequency. Loss of sound frequency to the person is a loss of sixty decibels.

7. Leprosy-cured
It means the person is a cure from leprosy but he or she is suffering from loss of sensation. Leprosy cured the loss of sensation in hands or feet as well as loss of sensation eye. These are some types of leprosy cured.

8. Locomotor disability
The person suffers from Disability of the bones or joints or muscles. The movements get affected due to Locomotor disability.

what is the full form of pwd

The PWD means the public work department of India. PWD is a government agency that is responsible for further things like.
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what is the full form of pwd for category

The Four categories are as follows.
1. The Safe System of Drinking Water For People
2.The old Government building construction and Maintenance
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Conclusion: These were the differences between PWD in medical. Hope you all have understood now PWD means in education. If you learn PWD meaning the share this article with everyone who wants to learn PWD.

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