TCS NQT Syllabus 2021 for TCS Digital

In TCS Digital 2021 the TCS NQT syllabus is one of the biggest demands among job seekers around the world. Because after clearing this exam you will the get the high salary job in TCS. So if you want to get a job in TCS Digital Hiring 2021, make sure you read this article.

The TCS Digital 2021 is open now and there is a number of candidates are applying for TCS DCA Exam. Which is TCS direct Capability Assessment Exam. It’s a TCS DCA NQT test that can give you entry with the TCS NQT syllabus.
Let’s Discuss the TCS Digital 2021 and TCS NQT syllabus.

What is TCS Digital?

TCS Digital 2021 is the program for Hot Talent Coders who can get Job in TCS with a High salary. For getting this job you have to give TCS DCA Exam. If you clear the TCS DCA exam then you will get the job in TCS.

If you are willing to work in new technologies like Big Data and IoT then the company provides all these domains. People can get their job in new technical domains like data science.

The company gives Chances to people who are capable of this TCS Digital 2021 Profile. For the Fresher this the best job to get an excellent start for the career. The exam is also quite difficult but if you prepare for this exam then you can clear the TCS DCA Exam.

TCS Digital Package In 2021

In TCS Digital the package of any employee who is in TCS Digital profile salary is up to 7 LPA. The domain he or she will be work is on new technology like Big Data Or IOT etc.
There are lots of people who ask for the TCS Digital package for freshers 2021. The answer for those people is that TCS Digital provides a very good package for freshers.

TCS Digital Salary is one of the Best salary Given by any Company for the freshers. The interview decides whether you will get a High salary or an average salary. Let’s check out the TCS digital Recruitment Pattern in 2021.

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TCS Digital Recruitment Pattern in 2021

TCS hiring process has the toughest TCS NQT syllabus like any other product-based company. There will be three rounds in this process.

  • 1. TCS DCA Exam Online Test
  • 2. Technical Interview Round
  • 3. HR Interview Round

1. TCS DCA Online Exam Pattern

TCS Digital Recruitment pattern is below. where all the details of the TCS NQT syllabus are mention for TCS Digital online exam. The TCS DCA Exam will be for 110 minutes.

  1. 1. English: Time – 10 Minutes, 10 TO 15 Questions
  2. 2. Quantitative Aptitude: Time – 40 Minutes, 20 Questions
  3. 3. Advance Coding: Time – 60 Minutes, 2 Questions

2. TCS Digital Technical Interview Round

If you clear the Online exam you will be a call for TCS Digital technical Interview. Here they will ask you some questions on technical kinds of stuff like python, java, C++. The questions will depend on your college projects.

If you have mention python in your resume and in your projects. There are very high chances of questions will come from python. So be prepared for what you have mentioned in your resume. They can ask questions on other technical kinds of stuff. To check your confidence, Mentality, or knowledge on that particular topic.

3. TCS Digital HR Interview Round

If you clear the technical round then you will get selected for TCS Digital HR Round. In this they will ask about yourself and about your goal. It will be like chatting or discussion.
Here you have to be confident while speaking English. Give the answers for every question you know or not. Don’t give rubbish answers if you don’t know anything tell them I don’t know.

Try to say yes to any challenge like night shift or reallocation. because if you say no then might be you will not get selected. So to enter in TCS Digital say yes for any challenges afterward you can sort out.

TCS NQT syllabus 2021 Freshers

The TCS NQT Syllabus 2021 is out and fresher have started registering for TCS NQT 2021. The NQT will be conducted near locations. Be prepared for the topics given below.

  • Verbal Ability
  • Reasoning Ability
  • Numerical Ability
  • Advanced Coding

How To Prepare For TCS NQT Syllabus 2021

The preparation for TCS NQT Syllabus 2021 starts with coding because it is the difficult part of the Exam. If you cannot solve 1 question also in Advance coding then you will get rejected. So daily one hour you have to give for coding.

The half an hour for Numerical and Verbal Ability to get sharp in this portion. This part has practiced more and more with different types of questions. So you can easily clear this section. Half an hour for Reasoning is the easiest section in the TCS NQT syllabus 2021.

All these sections have to be practice if you want to clear the online exam. Every section in the TCS NQT syllabus has its own importance. If you are well prepared in this all section then you can easily get selected for the job.

How to qualify for TCS NQT 2021?

The TCS NQT comes with some variations of exams like TCS BPS And TCS Ninja etc. If you are good in Numerical, Verbal, and Reasoning then you can quickly qualify TCS BPS NQT. But If you are good at coding you can Qualify in TCS Ninja and Digital Program.

All these streams have their own advantages according to salary and job roles. But if you were willing to get a job in TCS. The background B.COM or any other branches then go for TCS BPS

How can I prepare for TCS 2021?

If you are applying For a digital program then Daily one hour coding and one hour for Numerical, Reasoning, and Quant for a minimum of 8 weeks. If time is less for TCS NQT you should increase practice time. If you want to prepare according to the syllabus then check TCS NQT Syllabus 2021.

Take the number of mock tests before the exam so you can be confident about a question that you have solved. Don’t waste more time on questions that you cannot solve in NQT. Refer to the TCS NQT syllabus to get a complete understanding of time management. Give more time to the questions which you can solve quickly.

What will be the Job role In TCS BPS

If you are BPS then it will decide by the RMG department that on which domain you will get the projects. If you are from IT Background then you will get the technical projects. They will call you for the project and ask some question for the projects. Here you should ask question on projects about what is the projects and locations.

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